Project Aims

LARTs provides solutions and options for London’s transport networks, with strategies tried and tested around the world.

LARTs adds connectivity, capacity and resilience by integrating with existing railways via a segregated light-rail network that predominantly runs on elevated tracks and guideways,  with modern automation that delvers 24/7 service and  99% reliability in all weather conditions.

LARTs will transport people and cargo to link with most modes of transport that are key to London’s vitality.

LARTs delivers environmental benefits with financial sustainability, by creating greater modal-shift from road to ‘sustainable forms of transport’, using requiring only existing transportation corridors and brown-land for rights of way.

LARTs matches London’s population growth with a demand responsive system, applicable to planning, construction and operation.

LARTs improves airport surface access and reduces road congestion with direct access to Terminals for people, and links to air-freight depots that serves employees, air-cargo, luggage and mail.

LARTs links the Home Counties with each other by creating nodes of multi-modal transport, including journeys by bus and car, to improve sustainable transport for commerce and residential development. 

LARTs establishes a matrix of win-win strategies by inter-linking railways, airports, roads, business parks, towns, and the regions around London.

LARTs achieves transparent governance through leadership suited to a Public Private Partnership with private sector leadership that is facilitated by a public limited company and collaborative thinking.