The Problems

London's transport infrastructure is struggling with lack of capacity and connectivity with some parts operating beyond design capacity. 

Many journeys around London, by road and rail, incur frequent disruptions caused by peaktime demand. 

Resilience is low because railway and road users have fewer and fewer alternative routes as traffic congestion increases.

M25 -  long term traffic congestion needs more options than using the hard shoulder or adding more lanes

Heathrow Airport - relies on road traffic more than any other mode for surface access, which affects local air quality and the punctuality of airline passengers, air-cargo, and airport employees.

Gatwick Airport - Brighton Mainline is a vital commuter route with long term capacity issues and few contingency routes other than buses

Transport for London - long term capacity, connectivity, and resilience to match London's population growth requires integration for all modes of transportation

Crossrail- Heathrow connections will combine airport passengers with commuter passengers

HS2 - Old Oak Common will be the link for Heathrow

Motorway Junctions - along the M25 are often clogged at the M1, M40, M4, M3, M23

South Rail Access for Heathrow - South West Trains must accommodate both airport users and commuters with constraints on the South West Mainline, at Staines-upon-Thames, and in Heathrow's tunnels

Western Rail Access to Heathrow - will have to accommodate commuter passengers, and have a low uptake for Heathrow users from Windsor

Air Cargo - Britain's most valuable, time sensitive, and perishable cargo often gets stuck in road traffic around Heathrow.

Kent, Surrey, Hertfordshire - lateral rail links are required across the radiating railway Mainlines to reduce journeys that either requires road journeys to transfer on and off Motorways or railway journeys to transfer into and out of central London

Urban expansion - joined up thinking in London's urban planning is short on transportation solutions other than automobiles to match the aspirations for suburban living with developments in commerce

LARTs has solutions and options for these problems